Three BMC Nurses Paste Adhesive Tape On Newborn’s Mouth To Stop Crying, Booked

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In a disturbing incident reported in Bhandup, Mumbai, three BMC nurses were charged after allegedly applying adhesive tapes to cover the lips of a newborn baby in a hospital’s NICU. What was even more shocking was that, when the mother questioned the nurses after noticing a tape on her baby’s mouth, the nurse yelled at her, saying that there was no need for a commotion and that it was a ‘common practice in NICUs if babies wouldn’t stop crying.

Priya Kamble, the baby’s mother, and her family had to overcome numerous barriers before filing a case. The case dates back to May 20, 2023, when Priya delivered the baby. She was discharged three days later and told to return if there were any problems. After the infant became ill, Priya admitted him to the hospital. The baby was being treated in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). On June 2, when Priya went to the NICU to see the baby for one of his routine visits, she noticed the tape and brought the entire situation to everyone’s attention.

She claimed to have discovered sores on the baby’s body. Since then, the family has reportedly attempted to seek justice; however, on February 22, the police and the BMC took cognisance of the case when Priya’s lawyer sought assistance from the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC).