Traffic Block on Mumbai-Pune Expressway for Gantry Installation Tomorrow. Check The Timings.

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Tomorrow, on February 13, 2024, between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM, commuters on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway should prepare for a temporary traffic disruption. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has scheduled the installation of a gantry at the 15.750 kilometre mark on the expressway, facilitated by the Highway Traffic Management System.

To facilitate the smooth installation of the gantry, traffic flow in both directions, including light and heavy vehicles, will be halted on the expressway. Motorists are advised to seek alternative routes during this period. For those traveling from Pune to Mumbai in light vehicles, the recommended diversion will be through the Mumbai canal and National Highway no. 48, following the traditional Pune-Mumbai route.

Similarly, light vehicles and buses traveling from Pune to Mumbai via the expressway will be diverted from the Khopoli exit onto National Highway no. 48. From there, they will proceed through the old Pune-Mumbai highway via Khopoli, eventually rejoining the Mumbai canal route, passing through the Shedung toll plaza.

These diversions have been implemented with the primary aim of ensuring the safety and efficiency of the gantry installation process. Commuters are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly to minimize inconvenience.