Traffic Ease: MMRDA To Open A New Flyover At Mumbai Airport’s T2 Junction This Week

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Traffic congestion on Western Express Highway is expected to lessen this week as MMRDA prepares to open a flyover at the T2 (airport’s international terminal) intersection, which would ensure seamless traffic flow. There is a need for the flypast to open as soon as possible. The peak hour traffic at the T1 (domestic terminal) junction.

The huge concentration of vehicles causes severe bottlenecks. Motorists coming from T2 via the Sahar elevated route get stuck in gridlock at the T1 junction on their way to Bandra. The new flyover is parallel to the current overpass.

It has two lanes, 8 metres wide, and a length of 615 metres. The flyover would guide traffic towards Bandra from Terminal 2. Reduced traffic will shorten signal duration. The flypast was designed in accordance with the airport funnel zone criteria.