Vande Bharat trains to run from Mumbai-Pune to Shegaon

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As per a statement from a Senior Officer at Central Railway, there are plans to introduce two Vande Bharat trains along the routes from Mumbai to Shegaon and Pune to Shegaon. This proposal has already received approval from the Central Railway authority.

The announcement has brought joy to the devotees of Gajanan Maharaj, who flock to Shegaon in large numbers daily from all corners of the country to seek blessings. However, their pilgrimage often involves numerous travel challenges. Shegaon, also known as Sant Gajanan Maharaj’s Pandhari of Vidarbha, holds significant spiritual importance.

Considering the substantial influx of daily travelers, the Railway Administration has taken the decision to launch two dedicated trains from Pune and Mumbai to Shegaon. This initiative aims to streamline the journeys of devotees and other travelers who often encounter various difficulties during transit.

Additionally, the Ministry of Railways plans to introduce 30 to 35 Vande Bharat Express trains connecting various pilgrimage sites and tourist destinations by May 2024, with Shegaon being one of them. This move seeks to promote tourism and provide convenient travel options for those visiting Gajanan Maharaj’s Shrikshetra in Shegaon.

Furthermore, due to the increasing number of travelers in Jalgaon and Bhusawal, there’s a possibility of Vande Bharat trains making stops at these stations. The Vande Bharat trains have gained popularity among travelers due to their comfortable and speedy travel experience.

With the success of the Vande Bharat trains, more such projects are expected to be launched at different destinations across India, catering to the growing demand for efficient and comfortable railway transportation.