Video resume goes viral as fired employee from LinkedIn, gets job at Google at double salary

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In a career tale marked by resilience and ingenuity, Mariana Kobayashi, formerly employed at LinkedIn, has secured a coveted position at Google’s Dublin office. What sets her journey apart is not only the transition from one tech giant to another but the unique and innovative approach she took to clinch the job.

Having faced a setback with her termination from LinkedIn in May 2023, Kobayashi decided to rewrite her professional narrative with a bold and unconventional step—an attention-grabbing video resume. This departure from the traditional resume format showcased her work experiences dynamically, coupled with pre-recorded endorsements from former colleagues and industry stalwarts.

Kobayashi’s video resume quickly became an online sensation, resonating with a vast audience and attracting the attention of industry professionals. The unconventional job application not only differentiated her in the competitive job market but also became a symbol of creative resilience.

The plot thickened when a Google recruiter, captivated by Kobayashi’s initiative and qualifications, reached out to her directly. Though her initial application targeted an account executive position, the recruiter deemed her overqualified and expressed interest in exploring alternative roles within the company.

Transparent communication became the cornerstone of Kobayashi’s journey. Throughout the interview process, she openly addressed perceived shortcomings and outlined a clear plan for her personal and professional growth within the role. Her commitment to continuous improvement struck a chord with Google’s hiring team.

The story reached its crescendo with Kobayashi successfully navigating three rigorous interview stages, culminating in a job offer from Google. What’s more, her new role came with an almost doubled salary, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Reflecting on her journey, Kobayashi expressed pride in her personal and professional growth. The experience taught her not to tether her self-worth to a specific job and underscored the importance of perseverance and creativity in navigating the competitive job market.

As this success story unfolded, reports emerged about Google’s recent layoff of 1,000 employees in various departments in January 2024. The company, in an email to affected employees, conveyed regret over the challenging decision, casting a shadow on Kobayashi’s triumph amid the broader context of corporate dynamics.