Watch: Gang Of Women Stealing Shoes In High End Building Caught On Camera In Thane

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In Thane, a gang of women is seen stealing shoes from buildings. These women are stealing expensive slippers and shoes from elite society amid tight security. For the past few days, these women have been doing this in many luxurious societies in Parsik Nagar, Thane. The exploits of all these women have been caught on CCTV cameras.

When entering the big housing societies the security guards seek information from them. They ask who they are here to meet and the purpose of the visit as well. By giving such false information, these women entered many societies and stole expensive slippers from outside the house. These incidents have been captured in CCTV cameras. Not one or two, but as many as five to six societies have been inundated by these women’s chappal/shoe-stealing gangs.

These women have dared to steal despite knowing that there are CCTV cameras installed in these buildings. Moreover, in order not to catch their theft on the CCTV camera, women have used many tricks to stand in front of the chappal boot stand and steal the chappal boots within a few seconds.

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This theft of women has been captured on CCTV cameras. After this incident, many societies in the Parsik city area, especially the annual city resident association, have advised the citizens to be vigilant. Because while stealing slippers, these women can also steal expensive household items. What’s more, these women can also steal things from the house by seeing children playing outside or the door being open. Therefore, citizens have been advised to be alert.