Weather Update: Snowfall In North India Takes Off Heat From Mumbai, Coming Week Expected To Be Cooler Updates IMD

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After nearly a week of maximum temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, Mumbai’s day was much cooler on March 3, with the Indian Meteorology Department’s (IMD) Santacruz station recording 28.8 degrees Celsius.

Earlier on March 1, the day temperature had reached 37.2 degrees Celsius. Later on March 2, the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature on March 3 was likewise four degrees below usual, according to IMD statistics. The minimum temperature in Mumbai was 24.4 degrees Celsius, which is four degrees higher than typical.

Meanwhile, IMD Mumbai’s forecast states that the minimum temperature may go below 20 degrees Celsius in the coming week, resulting in a sudden chill in the air.

“Temperatures are dropping owing to several factors. Snowfall in the northern states has resulted in a northerly component blowing above Mumbai, causing a temperature drop,” an IMD official explained.

Meanwhile, on March 3, the Colaba observatory reported a day temperature of 30.3 degrees Celsius, one degree below average, and a night temperature of 23.3 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal.