WhatsApp will not allow you to take screenshots of a user’s profile picture. Click to know more

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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that enhances privacy controls by restricting users from taking screenshots of profile pictures. 

The Meta-owned messaging platform has begun rolling out this update, aimed at improving user privacy and security.


1. Profile Picture Screenshot Blocking: WhatsApp has tightened restrictions on taking screenshots of profile pictures, a feature widely known as Display Picture (DP). This move comes as a response to concerns over the misuse of profile pictures and enhances privacy for users.

2. Rollout of Feature: While WhatsApp has not officially announced the update, some users have reported seeing the feature in the stable version of the app. The feature was initially spotted in the beta version and is now being gradually rolled out to all users.

3. Notification Prompt: When attempting to take a screenshot of a profile picture, users will receive a notification indicating that screenshots are restricted due to app restrictions. This prompt serves as a deterrent against unauthorized screenshotting of profile pictures.

4. Privacy-Focused Updates: The introduction of the profile picture screenshot-blocking feature is part of WhatsApp’s broader efforts to bolster privacy-centric features within the app. Previous updates have included measures such as the view once feature, which restricts screenshotting of ephemeral content.

5. Server-Side Push: The implementation of the profile picture screenshot block appears to be a server-side push from WhatsApp, indicating that users may not need to update their app versions to access the feature. This ensures a seamless rollout across all devices.

While users may still find workarounds to bypass screenshot restrictions, such as using another device’s camera or accessing WhatsApp on desktop, the new feature represents a significant step towards enhancing user privacy and security.

The update has been met with positive reception from users, who appreciate WhatsApp’s efforts to prioritize privacy. By preventing unauthorized screenshotting of profile pictures, the platform aims to protect users’ personal information and promote a safer online environment.