Attention! Govt Mandates Linking Ration Cards With Phone Number

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The government has made it necessary for ration cardholders to link their cellphone numbers to the card system. So, when the cardholder takes the ration, an SMS is delivered to the connected mobile. So it’s useful to know if someone else uses your card to buy rations.

In Mumbai, five taluks report associated to the Ration Controller Office. Approximately 8 lakh 90 thousand 942 ration card holders have linked their contact number to their ration card, as per the information shared by the Ration Controller Office.

Food grains are supplied to recipients at a reasonable cost through the public distribution system. Even though food grains are given by POS machines, in the event of technical difficulties, the recipient can pick them up using an OTP; nevertheless, the beneficiary’s cellphone number must be linked to the ration card. While distributing cheap grain, retailers encounter numerous challenges. As a result, consumers have filed several complaints with grain shopkeepers. To prevent such situations, cheap food grains are distributed smoothly and safely, using POS machines.

The government has now necessitated all ration card users to connect their homes to the mobile rationing system. So, when grains are picked up from the shop, an SMS will be issued to ration card holders.

Where/How To Link?

1) Ration card holders have to visit the shop to link their mobile numbers with the ration system. 

2) Or mobile can be linked online. 

With this, if someone else is trying to buy grains under your name you will be alerted about the theft immediately and can seek help.