Bengaluru techie spotted with Apple Vision Pro on streets; sparks ‘VR Zombies’ concerns

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Bengaluru techie takes Apple Vision Pro to the streets, sparks ‘VR Zombies’ concerns

In a noteworthy moment that encapsulates Bengaluru’s tech-savvy culture, a local techie named Varun Mayya has taken to the streets of Indiranagar, donning the newly launched Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset. 

The incident gained traction after a social media post by Ayush Pranav went viral, describing it as a quintessential “Peak Bengaluru” experience. The Apple Vision Pro, priced at a substantial Rs 2.8 lakh, has not only attracted attention for its cutting-edge features but also for the audacity of enthusiasts like Varun, who are venturing beyond virtual spaces into the real world.

The viral post, accompanied by a caption stating, “Bumped into @waitin4agi_ while he was playing around with his vision pro on the streets of Indiranagar. Gotta be a @peakbengaluru moment,” has ignited conversations about the integration of virtual reality into everyday life.

Social media users expressed a range of reactions, from amusement to concern, with one user remarking, “Vision Pro zombies have arrived in the streets of @peakbengaluru.”

This street debut of the Apple Vision Pro not only serves as a viral spectacle but also signifies Bengaluru’s deep-rooted affinity for technology and its continual embrace of innovation. 

As tech enthusiasts boldly showcase their virtual experiences in the city’s tangible spaces, the incident prompts discussions about the evolving relationship between technology and our daily lives.