Discovering Indian Communities Across the Globe

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We’re exploring the Indian diaspora worldwide, looking at countries outside India where large populations of Indians have settled. These places create a sense of “mini India” where Indian tourists can feel at home even when far away.

**Mauritius:** Mauritius boasts a significant Indian population, around 70% of its people. This creates a cultural haven where Indian food and vibrant vibes fit right in. Plus, Mauritius’s affordability makes it an appealing option for settling down.

**United Kingdom:** The UK has strong cultural ties to India, evident in the numerous Indian eateries, shops, and cultural aspects across the country. This diversity helps Indians feel at home, fostering a sense of belonging.

**United Arab Emirates:** The UAE hosts the largest Indian diaspora, making it very welcoming to Indians. With such a wide diaspora, encountering fellow Indians who can help and make you feel at home is common here.

**Saudi Arabia:** Surprisingly, a significant portion of Indian expatriates reside in Saudi Arabia, comprising between 10% to 13% of the total population. Indians integrate into Saudi society relatively easily, evidenced by the growing expat community.

**Canada:** Known for its quality of life and opportunities, Canada attracts Indians with its promising job market, high living standards, and free healthcare.

**Oman:** By 2023, about 20% of Oman’s population will be Indian expatriates, making it a second home to around 9 lakh Indians. Indian culture enriches Oman’s vibrant cultural landscape.

**Singapore:** Singapore’s “Little India” neighborhood celebrates Indian culture, adding to the city-state’s multicultural society. The Indian community in Singapore has grown to around 7 lakhs as of 2023.

**United States of America:** The USA hosts the second-largest Indian diaspora globally, with a thriving community of over 2–7 million people. Indians find a sense of identity and pursue their career goals in this diverse country.