Elon Musk Expands Audio-Video Calling Feature on ‘X’ App to All Users

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Elon Musk recently launched a new feature on the ‘X’ app: audio-video calling. Initially, only users with a Blue-Tick status could use this feature. But now, everyone can access it for free!

According to updates from the ‘X’ handle of user Enrique, the rollout is complete, and all users should now have access to this feature. Enrique had previously tweeted about gradually introducing audio and video calling to non-premium users, allowing them to try it out. Additionally, users can now choose to allow calls from everyone.

Elon Musk hinted at this development at the end of January. Previously, audio-video calling was exclusive to premium users who had to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. However, Musk announced plans to make this feature available to all users on a larger scale. After conducting tests, the feature is now being gradually rolled out to all users.

In other news, Elon Musk announced another update for the ‘X’ app. The recommendation algorithm will be modified so that all your followers can see any posts you’ve pinned. Musk clarified that this change will apply to a single pinned post every 48 hours, enhancing user interaction and engagement on the platform.