Elon Musk’s X aims to rival YouTube with enhanced Ad targeting for creators

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In a bid to challenge YouTube’s dominance, Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, is introducing new advertiser targeting features and revenue-sharing options for its 80,000 creators. 

The updated ads will offer creators an additional source of income, although the specific revenue split remains undisclosed. 

X, under Musk’s leadership, has been making efforts to enhance its video content by partnering with notable figures like Don Lemon and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Advertisers on X will soon have the ability to run ads before videos from chosen creators, both in the main timeline and on the creator’s profile. Musk’s strategic move is aimed at competing directly with YouTube, and he has expressed his desire for X to become a formidable player in the online video content space. 

Notably, Musk has reached out to influential creators like MrBeast to bolster the platform’s appeal.

This initiative comes in the wake of X’s advertising revenue facing a significant decline of over 50% following Musk’s takeover, prompting efforts to regain marketers’ trust. 

Musk’s vision for X includes providing a more lucrative platform for creators, and these recent enhancements align with his broader strategy to revitalize the social network. 

Last year, X fell short of its $3 billion target, estimating ad sales at around $2.5 billion.