Google Layoffs: Employees From THIS Department To Face Job Cuts

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Google is letting off a few people from its trust and safety team as part of broader workforce cuts, while also requesting members of same group to be on standby over the weekend to debug problematic outputs from its flagship generative AI tool, Gemini.

People familiar with the decision confirmed the cuts in the trust and safety solutions group, but asked not to be identified because Google does not publicly disclose information. According to one of the people, fewer than ten employees will be affected out of a team of roughly 250.

Google’s trust and safety teams are tasked with putting safeguards around its AI products, predicting how bad actors would manipulate the tools, and conducting risk assessments to ensure the tools are secure for Google’s global user base.

Google is expanding its dependence on its trust and safety department, although with fewer individuals. According to one of those acquainted with the moves, some staff were recently instructed to work over the weekend to test Gemini’s outputs in order to avoid more blunders by the instrument.