Highway State Police to take effective steps to curb accidents on Pune Nagar highway

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The Highway State Police (HSP) is planning a detailed survey of effective steps to reduce collisions and fatalities on the 120 km section of the Pune-Ahmednagar Highway. The survey & measures will focus on fixing illegal punctures, preventing driving on the wrong side of the road, especially in industrial estate areas, and making sure that lane markings are correctly placed among others.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Lata Phad, Superintendent of Police, Highway State Police (HSP), said “The stretch of Shikrapur on Pune-Nagar highway is under my charge. There is a significant amount of fatalities, traffic-rule breaking etc happening on this stretch. There is MIDC near Ranjangaon. Wrong side driving of two-wheelers is prevalent a lot here due to which accidents tend to happen. Among the current steps which are being taken are spreading awareness about driving, traffic rules & more, filing cases against commuters driving without helmet, wrong side driving etc.”

Lata Phad further continued “The number of two-wheeler vehicles is more on the Nagar highway stretch of Ranjangaon, Shikrapur, Shirur, where there is MIDC. Reckless driving, triple seat driving etc happens here. Hence, the survey regarding effective steps to be taken to curb accidents, rule-breaking etc is getting planned. However, the survey is yet to start for which the date & time will be decided soon.”

In Pune’s rural areas as well as the city, this stretch has the highest rate of traffic fatalities. In order to curb such incidents, the HSP intends to pinpoint problem spots and implement solutions. They will proceed in a similar manner on other highways, depending upon their success here.

Shreyas Vange