Maharashtra to Install Smart Traffic System on Highways for Safer Travel

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The Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department has announced plans to set up an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) along three major highways in the state. This move aims to enhance commuter safety, especially along the 775-kilometer stretch of highways connecting Pune with neighboring districts. These highways have seen a worrying rise in accidents and fatalities.

Road accidents are a significant concern due to the immense human suffering and financial burdens they impose through injuries and fatalities. Despite a decrease in overall traffic accidents in Maharashtra, the daily fatalities continue to rise each year, prompting the urgent need for highway improvements.

The project’s total budget stands at approximately 285.89 crore rupees. The targeted highways include the four-lane routes connecting Pune with Solapur and Aurangabad, as well as the four to six-lane stretch linking Pune with Nashik.

The implementation of ITMS is expected to reduce fatalities significantly. According to Kalaskar, the system will enable quick incident management by promptly reporting incidents to relevant authorities. This includes recognizing the importance of transporting accident victims to trauma centers within the ‘Golden hour’ – the critical first hour following a traumatic injury.

ITMS will work in tandem with the State Motor Vehicle Department, Highway Safety Police, emergency responders, and trauma care centers through an integrated command and control center. This collaborative effort aims to streamline incident response and improve overall highway safety.