Palghar: Man Faces Leg Amputation Due To Shark Bite, Later Locals Kill The Giant Fish

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A man went in for fishing in a river in Maharashtra’s Palghar district but met with a horrifying accident when a shark circled him and bit him in the leg. The incident occurred as the man entered the Vaitarna River, which flows through the Nashik and Palghar districts and westward into the Arabian Sea.

The man identified as Vicky Gowari went fishing in the river yesterday with a few other people. To their astonishment, a shark was in the river and bit Vicky’s leg, seriously injuring him.

The man lived, but the shark severed about half of his leg below the left knee, and the tremendous blood loss caused him to lose consciousness.

The locals gathered immediately and Vicky was taken to a hospital in Manor. The residents are now terrified as a result of the occurrence.

After that, Gowari was taken to Vinobha Bhave Civil Hospital in Silvassa, where medical professionals advised him to have his left leg amputated below the knee.

The shark can be seen emerging from the water and swinging its tail in a local’s video. Locals used a net to catch the fish, which they then took to the shore. Whether there are more sharks in the sea is unknown.

In a another video, the shark—killed by the locals—is seen with bloodstains on its belly and is restrained by a rope.