Station Master’s desk goes viral: A glimpse into the busiest job in Railways

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A recent social media post by railway officer Prashasti has garnered significant attention, providing a glimpse into the hectic life of a station master. 

The post features a picture of a Station Master’s desk adorned with an open register and an array of at least ten phones, showcasing the multifaceted responsibilities of this crucial railway role.

Accompanied by the caption, “The Station Master’s desk. Show me a busier professional,” the post has amassed over one lakh views and a thousand likes. 

The image underscores the various tasks handled by Station Masters, including controlling traffic signals, ensuring passenger safety, supervising station employees, and overseeing efficient station operations.

Responding to the post, Indian Railways Officer Ananth Rupanagudi highlighted the complexity of the Station Master’s role stating, “Besides handling the phones, the Station Master also has to watch the MSDAC/EI VDU (Visual Display Unit) to see whether the points are correctly aligned according to the signals. The only one to match his/her busy schedule is the Loco Pilot inside the trains. #IndianRailways.”

Others on the internet chimed in, emphasizing the need for technological advancements to streamline the functioning of Station Masters. 

One user noted the extensive communication required stating, “At a given time, the station master stays in touch with a minimum of three individuals – two station masters of adjoining stations and the Section controller of Control. Even if she/he has to go to the washroom, the only option is to rush and return in a few minutes. Entire communication is recorded.”

The discussion also touched upon the specific location of the desk, with speculations about it being from New Delhi or Kanpur Central. 

Suggestions for modernization and comparisons with other railway roles, such as the Section Controller desk, added depth to the online conversation. 

A user said, “Needs modernization”

“Section Controller desk still beats station master’s desk…” said a person.

The viral post sheds light on the demanding and intricate nature of the Station Master’s job within the Indian Railways system.