Stone Pelting On Aastha Train Travelling From Ayodhya To Mumbai; Passengers Panic

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On March 6, some devotees travelling by the Aastha Special Train from Ayodhya to Mumbai reported a stone pelting incident in Malhaur near Lucknow. Although no one was wounded, the incident caused alarm among the passengers.

According to passengers, the stone pelting occurred at about 6.30 p.m. near Malhaur, 15 kilometres from Lucknow. Some of the stones hit the train’s S-4 carriage windows.

As the passengers raised their voices, cops stationed inside the rain intervened and attempted to calm them. Furthermore, the train was stopped at Lucknow station, and passenger statements were taken. Senior Police Inspector Himanshu Sharma has also pledged strong action in this case.

Nearly 1,600 Ram followers from Mumbai arrived in Ayodhya on March 5. All of them had boarded ‘Aastha Special’ (train number 00167) for the darshan of Lord Ram. On March 6 at 4.40 p.m., they started their departure journey to Mumbai aboard the same train. One of the devotees, Vanita Gawand, stated, “Before arriving at Malhour station, the police told us to lock the windows as a preventive measure. Fortunately, no injuries occurred because the windows were closed. However, the incident should be thoroughly probed by the police.”