Viral Video: African Man Harrasses Indian Nurse, Says, “If I Remove Clothes…”

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A video from an Indian hospital has gone viral, showing an African national pressuring an Indian nurse for sexual favours.

The African patient is seen blatantly recording the nurse while she is completing her duties. However, this individual can be heard using obscene words.

In the viral video, the African National is heard stating to the nurse, “You should like Africa, Africa good.” The nurse says swiftly, “No, I don’t like Africa.”

What appeared to be a nice conversation between a patient and a nurse turned out to be a clear instance of sexual harassment. Just a few moments later, he is heard saying that if he takes off his clothes, she will love Africans.

This doesn’t stop there; he can also be seen saying, “India, No Good.” The nurse then answers to his statement in a way that shuts him down, adding, “You say India no good and also come to India for your treatment.” He continues to use obscene language, saying, “India good for treatment, but India not good for bed.”

He is also seen inviting her to come to bed at night, claiming that he will show her how strong Africa is. Despite the African national’s persistent harassment, the nurse remained calm and can be seen carrying out her responsibilities while rejecting his demands.

The video has gone viral on the internet, with people praising the nurse for being calm and not falling for the African national’s filthy statements. On the other hand, others are condemning the patient’s actions and calling for his imprisonment. However, there are no reports indicating which hospital the video was recorded in or what action was done against the guy accused of harassment.