Viral Video: Anand Mahindra Replies To Child’s Cute Children-Friendly Showroom Demand

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Anand Mahindra responded to a video in which a small boy complained about the lack of child-friendly preparations in Mahindra showrooms. The video of the “little follower” from Mumbai was published by X user Vikas Garg on March 5.

“Idhar bas elder logon ke liye kyun hota hain sab kuch? Idhar tea hain, coffee hain sab kuch hain. Idhar bachchon ke liye kuch kyun nahi hain,” said the boy in the video.

“Sir, this is an appeal by Master Advik, a little follower of Mahindra, to consider them equally influential in the decision-making of buying a car,” Vikas wrote in the caption.

Anand Mahindra “absolutely” agreed with Vikas’s X post. He went on to say that in today’s world, children’s thoughts and ideas are extremely valuable.

He reshared Vikas’s post and wrote on X, “You’re absolutely right, Vikas. Today, the voices & opinions of children are hugely influencing which car a family chooses to buy. And Advik is also right, we don’t do enough to give importance to children at the showrooms. I know our team is going to be inspired to act on Advik’s suggestion!”

As soon as the post went up, it received over 39k likes. Social media users shared their ideas in the post’s comments section.

A user commented, “Sir, a few of the showrooms are doing great about it, we took a delivery from  united mahindra faridabad last month, and they offered chocolate and ball momento to my son he felt very good and keep asking to visit again for for his obvious interest.”

Another user commented, “With all humility I see these as the problems of the privileged, engaging / entertaining children who accompany a family visiting a car showroom is totally different from involving them in the decision-making of which car a family buys, I hope we don’t mix up both.”