Watch Viral Video : Bengaluru man caught without helmet, bites cop’s finger

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In a shocking incident captured on video, Sayyad Safi faced arrest after biting the finger of a traffic police personnel in Bengaluru. 

The confrontation unfolded when Safi, caught driving without a helmet near Wilson Garden 10th Cross, was stopped by traffic police for violating rules.

As a traffic constable confiscated Safi’s scooter keys, Head Constable Siddarameshwara Kaujalagi attempted to film the incident to record the violation. The video depicts the 28-year-old man verbally confronting both traffic constables and, at one point, resorting to biting a constable’s finger to retrieve his keys.

Safi claimed he forgot to wear the helmet, citing an urgent hospital visit, expressing indifference to the potential viral nature of the video. Following the biting incident, he seized the head constable’s phone, questioned the recording, and attempted to escape. However, he was swiftly apprehended and arrested.

Authorities have registered a case against Safi for abusing and physically harming a police personnel on duty, along with charges of criminal intimidation and breach of peace. 

The incident has sparked significant outrage as the video circulates widely, shedding light on the challenges faced by traffic police in enforcing regulations and ensuring public safety.