Singapore recalls Everest’s Fish Curry Masala, Finds It Unfit For Consumption

Singapore recalls Everest's Fish Curry Masala, Finds It Unfit For Consumption

Singapore recalls Everest's Fish Curry Masala, Finds It Unfit For Consumption

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The Singapore Food Agency has urged the importer Sp Muthiah & Sons Pvt. Ltd. to conduct a thorough recall.

20 April 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari

Everest Fish Curry Masala has recorded levels of ethylene oxide which is beyond the permissible degree of consumption by human beings. As a result the Singapore Food Agency has asked for a recall. This step was taken after the Centre for Food Safety, Hong Kong, notified concerned authorities about the presence of the pesticide beyond permissible levels in the fish curry spice. 

Ethylene Oxide at room temperature is sweet smelling, flammable gas without any colour. It acts as an ingredient for the manufacture of other chemicals like antifreeze. But one of its more popular uses is as a pesticide for fumigating agricultural produce to fight contamination by microbes. Moreover, it is also used to sterilise spices in very small amounts. 

However, its presence in food items at an excessive level is strictly barred and makes it unfit for human consumption. The SFA claimed that the amount of the pesticide present in the spice mix surpasses the amount permissible for the sterilisation and is a risk to consumer health.

However, the statutory body also acknowledged that any immediate consumption does not pose any threat because only low levels of the pesticide get taken in on immediate consumption. SFA still cautioned against long term exposure to the product and stressed on reducing it as much as possible so that it does not lead to health complications. 

While responding to a news Agency, the company representative stressed that Everest is a 50+ year-old esteemed brand and all their products go through strict inspections in the factory before despatch; they added that they have always abided by a strict code of the highest level of hygiene, religiously followed food safety standards and norms laid down by the authorities in charge, along with statutory bodies such as the Indian Spice Board, FSSAI and the like. 

They further stated that the Spice Board of India orchestrates a comprehensive quality check prior to any products being exported anywhere. They said they are still waiting for an official communication and that once they receive it, their quality control team will take appropriate action to address the issue.