Supreme Court Says Apple Doesn’t Have to Track Stolen iPhones: What You Need to Know

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In an important decision, the Supreme Court of India has said that Apple India doesn’t have to track stolen iPhones using their unique ID numbers. This is different from what the Odisha State Consumer Commission had said earlier.

This whole thing started when a person in Odisha bought an iPhone with theft insurance. When it got stolen, they told the police and Apple. They hoped Apple would track it using its special ID number.

But Apple said they shouldn’t have to do this. This led to a decision in the person’s favor by the District Consumer Forum. Later, Apple appealed this decision.

The Forum said Apple, as the maker of the iPhone, had to use its special ID to find where it was. But Apple said it shouldn’t be forced to do police work and asked the Supreme Court for help.

Even though Apple paid the person, the Supreme Court agreed with Apple. They said making Apple track stolen phones was not fair and not their job.

The Supreme Court also said that a part of the State Commission’s order should be taken out. This helps to understand what companies have to do in situations like this.

This decision is important because it shows what companies have to do when their products are stolen. It also shows how much responsibility they have for these things.